Follow Co - Bringing Artists and Fans closer together on Spotify, YouTube and Twitch
The FLLWco Fan Gate is the easiest way for real fans to follow in just a few clicks.
How does it work?
Deploy a Fan Gate on any website and send fans there to achieve any follower growth or data capturing objective.
Grow followers and your database using different strategies
Gate exclusive content
Run competitions and giveaways
Unlock discount codes to sell more merch
Convert web visits to follows
Make sure your music is heard...
Maximising follows, subscribes, and emails before releases
Algorithms and recommended playlists work for you
Fully customisable and always on-brand
What incentives do you want to offer? Customise the text, the image, and have it seamlessly integrated on your website.
Better understand new fans and who else they listen to on Spotify
Make sure fans see your next release or live stream
Use your Fan Gate to capture user generated content for marketing your next tour
Built for artists & creators with a frictionless user experience for fans in mind.
Ready to get started?
All we need are a few quick details from you and we’ll take care of the rest.