Follow Co - Bringing Artists and Fans closer together on Spotify, YouTube and Twitch
The Page Builder That Brings Artists & Fans Closer Together
Made for Artists & Teams to make stunning landing pages to run contests, release music, and grow Follows.
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With more than 80% of streams often coming from algorithm placements like Release Radar or YouTube Recommendations, growing Follows is one of the best things you can do to make sure fans hear your music
Cut through the noise and really connect with fans. Build a landing page with deep branding customizations to bring your story/next release/giveaway in minutes. No coding skills needed
Own a direct relationship with your fans and your data. Each Follow / Subscribe always comes with an email address and location. Export these lists to CSV
Run Contests
and giveaways.
Run Contests and giveaways.
Exchange a Follow and/or playlist save + email data by fans a chance to win money can’t buy prizes. A Signed vinyl? An exclusive erch pack? A virtual meet and greet perhaps? Get in touch and we can help with ideas.
Improve algorithm placements
Improve algorithm placements
So much of music discovery these days happens via algorithms based playlisting. Follow Co gives you the tools create unique campaigns to maximise your Follows so fans don’t miss out on your next release.
Your all-in-one Dashboard
Click Get Started and check out how easy it is to set up a page and make unlimited edits and customizations. View all the real-time stats you need to see how campaigns are performing and watch your Follows grow.
Achieve Focused Objectives
Use Follow Co to run focused campaigns. Big on FB/IG but small on Spotify/YouTube? Run a contest giveaway and get more from your existing fans.
Grow new fans? Run IG story ads and send fans to a page that extends your brand, engages, and gets follows.
Customize everything
and cut through the noise
Customize everything and cut through the noise
Run an Autoplay video, customize banners, change colours, fonts, template layouts and more. The world is your oyster with Follow Co.
Get user generated content
Customize fans actions after the Follow action. Want to add a text box asking fans a question like ‘what’s your fav track off the latest EP?’. Want fans to upload photos? Want fans to share the page on Facebook?